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Professor, Computer and Information Science
207 CIS
4901 Evergreen Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48128
1:00pm-4:00pm Wednesday and 11:00am-1:00pm Thursday; or by appointment.

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Biography and Education


  • Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
  • M.Sc., University of Saskatchewan

Teaching and Research

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Selected Publications

  1. C. Yuan, S. Weng, J. Shen C. Long, Y. He, T. Wang. 2020. "Research on Active Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Intelligent Vehicle Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field Model," International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (accepted; Impact Factor: 1.22).
  2. J. Shen M. Flores and A. Sharits. 2020. "Impact Performance of a Plate Structure with Coconut-Inspired Microchannels," Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 355. (ISI impact factor: 2.22).
  3. Y. Xie, J. Shen, C. Wu. 2019. "Robust Object Tracking using Affine Transformation and Convolutional Features," IEEE Access, Vol. 7, pp. 182489-182498. (ISI impact factor: 4.10).
  4. L. Cheng, X. Zhang, J. Shen. 2019. "Road Surface Condition Classification using Deep Learning," Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Vol. 64, pp. 102638. (ISI impact factor: 2.26).
  5. Y. He, C. Lu, J. Shen, C. Yuan. 2019. "Design and analysis of output feedback constraint control for antilock braking system with time-varying slip ration." Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2019, Article ID 8193134, 11 pages (ISI impact factor: 1.14).
  6. Yuan,C., Liu,H., Shen,J., Chen,L., Jiang,H.,  2018. “Design and analysis of an auto-braking system controller for autonomous vehicles under the influence of perturbation,” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 67, No. 3, pp. 1923-1931.  (ISI impact factor: 4.06).
  7. Yuan,C., Chen,H., Shen,J., Lin, N., Su,W., Liu,F., Liang,X., 2018. "Indicator-based multi-objective adaptive bacterial foraging algorithm for RFID network planning." Cluster Computing Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 12649-12657(ISI impact factor: 1.60)
  8. H. Chen, J. Shen. 2017. “Denoising of Point Cloud Data,” Engineering with Computers Vol.  34, No. 3, pp. 523-541 (ISI impact factor: 1.0).
  9. H. Chen, X. Shi, Q. He, J.H. Mao, Y. Liu, H. Kang, J. Shen. 2017. “A Multiresolution Investigation on Fatigue Damage of Aluminum Alloys at Micrometer Level,” International Journal of Damage Mechanics, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 192-209; ISI impact factor:1.74).
  10. Shi,X., Shen,J., Yoon,D. 2016. “Genetic Search for Optimally-Constrained Multiple-line Fitting of Discrete Data Points,” Applied Soft Computing. Vol. 40, pp. 236-251. (ISI impact factor: 2.14).
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  12. Chow,C.L., Mao,J., Shen, J., 2011. “Nonlocal Damage Gradient Model for Fracture Characterization of Aluminum Alloy.”International Journal of Damage Mechanics, Vol. 20, No. 7, pp.1073-1093 (ISI impact factor: 1.91). 
  13. Song,Y.,Jin,S., Shen, J. 2011. “A Unique Property of Single-link distance and Its Application in Data Clustering.” Data & Knowledge Engineering. Vol. 70, No. 11, pp.984-1003 (ISI impact factor: 1.85).
  14. Shen, J., Yoon, D., Shehu, D. and Zhang, C.  2009. “Spectral Moving Removal of Non-isolated Outlier Clusters.” Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 41, No. 4, pp. 256-267 (ISI impact factor: 1.22).
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Awards and Recognition

  • Recipient, 2019 Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship
  • Fellow, ASME, 2019
  • Fellow, IET, 2019
  • Semi-finalist, 2017 Next Challenge -- Smart Cities, 2017
  • Certificate of Excellence, International Journal of Computers and Applications, 2015
  • Certificate of Excellence, International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, 2015
  • Certificate, Next Energy I-Corps Program, 2015
  • Certificate, NSF I-Corps Program, 2014
  • Contribution Certificate to International Conference of Computer Aided Design, 2012
  • Contribution Certificate to ASME IMECE Conference, 2012
  • Contribution to SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition, 2006
  • Faculty Research Fellowship,   University of Michigan – Dearborn,  2003
  • Rackham Fellowship,   University of Michigan,  2003
  • Faculty Research Fellowship,  University of Michigan – Dearborn, 2002


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