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Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
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2310 HPEC
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Dearborn, MI 48128
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Teaching Areas:

Biography and Education


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Texas Technological University

M.S., Industrial Engineering, Texas Technological University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Robert College

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

Raid Al-Omar, Edward Williams and Onur Ulgen, Simulation Using Witness Software,  
   John Wiley, 2015


Edward Williams and Onur Ulgen, “Pitfalls in Managing a Simulation Project,” In Proceedings        of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference, 2012, Berlin Germany, December 2012.


Alex Blatchford, Yakov Fradkin, Oleg Gusikhin, Ravi Lote, Marco Pucciano, and Onur Ulgen, “Modeling Selectivity Banks with and without Bypass Lane for Mixed Model Assembly Lines,”In Proceedings of the 9th International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multi-conference, Vienna, Austria, September 2012.


Rajanna, Srinivas, Edward Williams, Onur Ulgen, and Vaibhav Rothe. “Development and Use of a Generic AS/RS Sizing Simulation Model.” In Proceedings of the 26th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, eds. Klaus G. Troitzsch, Michael Muhring, and Ulf Lotzmann, 2012, p. 549-555.


Zottolo, Marcelo, Edward J. Williams, and Onur Ulgen, “Simulation Helps Assess and Increase Airplane Manufacturing Capacity.” In Proceedings of the 23rd European Modeling & Simulation Symposium, eds. Agostino G. Bruzzone, Miquel A. Piera, Francesco Longo, Priscilla Elfrey, Michael Affenzeller, and Osman Balci, 2011, p. 30-34.


Ravi Lote, Edward J. Williams, Onur M. Ülgen.  Simulation Increases Efficiency of Engine Air-Leak Testing, In Proceedings of the 2011 European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, Kraków, Poland, June 2011.


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