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Edward Williams
Lecturer, Decision Sciences
131B FCS (Fairlane Center South)
19000 Hubbard Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126


Edward Williams, Lecturer of Decision Sciences and Information Technology Management at the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business.  Edward joined the UM-D in 1980. Over the years, Edward has taught both undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently he teaches DS, ITM, IMSE and CIS courses on campus. For the College, Edward teaches the following courses.

  • DS 300: Quantitative Modeling and Analysis I
  • DS 520: Applied Statistical Modeling
  • DS 570: Management Science
  • DS 632: System Simulation
  • ITM 120: Introduction to Information Systems
  • ITM 210: Business Application Programming
  • ITM 301: Business Application Programming
  • ITM 302: Object-Oriented Programming
  • ITM 310: Management Information Systems
  • ITM 311: Management Information Systems Laboratory
  • ITM 321: Database Systems I
  • ITM 331: Information Systems Design
  • ITM 322: Database Systems II
  • ITM 382: Advanced Computer Applications
  • ITM 431: Advanced Computer Applications
  • ITM 525: Computer and Information Systems
  • ITM 527: Advanced Programming
  • ITM 575: Information Management

Research Areas:

Selected Publications

Refereed Archival Journal Articles

  1. Skoogh, Anders, Björn Johansson, and Edward J. Williams. 2012. Constructive Alignment in Simulation Education. Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference, eds. C. Laroque, J. Himmelspach, R. Pasupathy, O. Rose, and A. M. Uhrmacher.
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  15. Gruber, Jared W., Renée Smiddy, Jeffrey M. Watson, and Edward J. Williams. (2015). Simulation Helps Local Grocery Store Compete Effectively Against Large Chains. In Fifth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (ISBN 978-0-9855497-2-5, pages 2421-2424).  [this paper won a best-in-track award, and the other 3 authors are University of Michigan - Dearborn students (now alumni)]
  16. M. A. Mellal and E. J. Williams. 2015. Cuckoo optimization algorithm with penalty function for combined heat and power economic dispatch problem. Energy ( 93,1711-1718).  DOI: 10.1016/j.energy.2015.10.006.
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Additionally, Mr. Williams is also a co-author of the recent book Process Simulation Using WITNESS, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2015.  The other two co-authors are Professors Onur M. Ülgen and Raid Al-Aomar.

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Awards and Recognition

Recipient of research awards and grants

  1. University of Michigan-Dearborn Women's Basketball Faculty Appreciation Award (presented "for outstanding support of academics and athletics")
  2. The International Workshop on Harbour, Maritime & Industrial Logistics Modelling and Simulation Best Paper Award, Genova, Italy, September 1999.


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