Application Fee Waivers

UM-Dearborn has a limited number of application fee waivers available each year. Fee waiver requests are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants eligible for a waiver must submit a request after the application has been started and receive a response before you pay the application fee. A fee waiver will not be retroactively applied to an application that has been paid for and submitted. If the program deadline passes, or if you submit your application, we cannot refund or waive the fee.

Approved Fee Waiver Types
  1. United States Military active duty, veteran, or reservist or their spouse/dependent
    • Submit copies of any of the following: 
      • Active Duty Orders
      • Military/Veterans ID Card
      • Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214, 215 or 256)
  2. Current Fulbright or McNair Scholar (provide award letter)
  3. U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents demonstrating extreme financial need (financial need waivers are not available to international applicants) 
    • Submit a one-page statement describing your financial hardship situation
  4. Applicants who formerly paid a UM-Dearborn graduate application fee and were offered graduate non-candidate for degree (NCFD) status and are now reapplying to obtain degree-seeking status from NCFD enrollment (include UMID)
  5. UM-Dearborn current undergraduate students applying to an accelerated program (include UMID) 
  6. UM-Dearborn employees (does not include student employees; include uniqname, office, and position) 
  7. Applicants from countries with SWIFT banking sanctions in place will be considered for a waiver  
    • Must provide copies of transcripts with the request 
    • Application must be ready to submit 
  8. Attend an eligible recruitment event 
    • The webpage above is updated as events are scheduled; virtual events are generally scheduled once per term
    • The form below is not required for this type; please register for the event related to your program of interest at the link above 
    • Event attendees who checked in to the event will receive the code after attending; it cannot be requested in advance. The fee waiver code will be provided in an email 2 business days after the event with an expiration date. 
    • Application fees paid prior to the event are not refunded 
Requesting A Fee Waiver 
  1. Start your UM-Dearborn online application and gather the required supporting documentation noted above for your fee waiver type 
  2. Submit the Graduate Application Fee Waiver Request Form; when submitting the form:
    1. Please make sure that your name on the form matches the name on your graduate application
    2. Please include valid documentation to support your request; Falsification of information to obtain a fee waiver may result in the withdrawal of the application or in the revocation of admission
  3. You will receive an email response with your fee waiver decision; if approved, a coupon code will also be provided 
  4. If you have a coupon code, it is entered in the final question of the Additional Information section of the Online Application

Please note, fee waiver approval can take 5 business days (Monday-Friday) once all required information is received. If you have an approaching application deadline, you must make sure to plan accordingly. 

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