Paying for College

UM-Dearborn is a place for success, and we work hard to make our education accessible and affordable.

88% of incoming students receive some form of financial aid to help them enroll in and graduate from college.

Whether you’re an incoming or a current student, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is here to help you discover ways to pay for college.

Types of Financial Aid

Financial Aid is any source of funds available to help you pay for college. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is ready to assist you in finding the resources to help pay for your education through federal, state, university and private sources.




What UM-Dearborn Costs

Your education is the best investment you can make. When comparing the quality of programs, faculty, and costs, earning your Michigan degree at UM-Dearborn will make the difference in pursuing your passion in life while building financial stability. 

Invest in You!

Apply for Financial Aid

Use UM-Dearborn’s Federal School Code (002326) to complete and submit your annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Ways to Pay

The Student Accounts Office offers you various tuition payment options to meet deadlines and pay for your education.

88% of incoming students receive some form of financial aid.