Meet our 2021 Orientation Leaders!

Roman Bruno (Orientation Program Assistant)

Major: Communications with a certificate in Public Relations
Minor: Psychology
High School: University of Detroit Jesuit High School
Involvement: The Michigan Journal, CRUISE to Success Program, and WOW Outdoor Trip
Wolverine Wisdom: "Always keep a planner. Find creative ways to stay organized so you can keep up to date with your classes, extracurriculars, or other personal events you may have."

Kelly Quinlan (Orientation Program Assistant)

Major: Political Science and Philosophy
Minor: Environmental Studies
High School: Salem High School
Involvement: Political Science Association and Phi Mu Fraternity
Wolverine Wisdom: "Get to know the people in your classes and study with them or just hang out with them outside of class"

Ghadah Abdulshafi

Major: Biochemistry
High School: Edsel Ford High School
Involvement: Supplemental Instruction (SI), Talent Ambassador, DUCC Mentor, OGK Mentor, and PPHS
Wolverine Wisdom: "Don't let an obstacle hold you back. Instead, use it as a seed that will allow you to grow and prosper."

Ava Abramowicz

Major: Journalism and Screen Studies, and Professional Writing and Rhetoric 
High School: Novi Christian Academy
Involvement: Honors Program, Lyceum, and Phi Sigma Sigma
Wolverine Wisdom: "Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and take up new opportunities, because it might be the best decision you make."

Vivian Clements

Major: Criminal Justice
Transferring College: Lawrence Technological University
Involvement: Greek life, but I hope to get more involved! 
Wolverine Wisdom: "Don't feel pressured to graduate in 4 years. Find what you love and if it takes longer than expected, don't beat yourself up."

Allysa Decato

Major: Political Science w/ Social Sciences Secondary Teacher Certification
Minor: Criminal Justice
High School: Milford High School
Involvement: Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Political Science Association, Student Org Consultant
Wolverine Wisdom: "Adjust your scheduled around when YOU are the most productive."

Jenna Deebajah

Major: Mechanical Engineering
High School: Dearborn High School
Involvement: Talent Gateway, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Wolverine Wisdom: "Take each day one step at a time and always remember that everything is temporary and it will be okay."

Lydia Fleming

Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminology
High School: Salem High School
Involvement: PRIDE, Criminology and Criminal Justice Collective
Wolverine Wisdom: "Take advantage of all the opportunities offered and experience new things outside of your comfort zone."

Megan Hadley

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice
High School: Dearborn High School
Involvement: Treasurer of Criminology and Criminal Justice Collective, Club Tennis, Engaged Scholars, CRUISE to Success Program, and Phi Sigma Sigma
Wolverine Wisdom: "Always try your best in class and never do the bare minimum. Also attend office hours and SI sessions."

Sarah Khaleefah

Major: Health and Human Services with Pre-Health Concentration (Pre-Med)
Minor: Women's and Gender Studies
High School: Dearborn High School
Involvement: Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), OGK-Student Mentor, and PPHS
Wolverine Wisdom: "Enjoy college. Yes, at times it will be stressful, but college is what you make of it. It is up to you to make it the best 4 years of your life."

Kayla Leonard

Major: Biochemistry
Class: Senior
High School: Romulus High School
Transferring College: Wayne County Community College 
Involvement: First Gen Student Org and PRIDE
Wolverine Wisdom: "Utilize campus resources, they're there to help you! Reach out to professors when you need help and go to Supplemental Instruction lessons."

Alexia Razook

Major: Biological Sciences
High School: Stevenson High School
Wolverine Wisdom: "Plan ahead and be organized to reduce stress. Remember to enjoy your college experience!"

Joseph Scannell

Major: Business
Minor: Finance
Class: Sophomore
High School: Father Gabriel Richard High School
Involvement: Supply Chain Association
Wolverine Wisdom: "Adjust your schedule around when you are most productive, and go to the library on campus."

Margaux Sketch

Major: Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts
Class: Senior
High School: Grosse Ile High School
Involvement: Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Member
Wolverine Wisdom: "Utilize the resources provided to you by the campus and your professors - everyone is here to support you!"

Horacio Vargas-Ramirez

Major: Computer Information and Science
Class: Senior
High School: Western International High School
Involvement: First Gen Student Org and Intelligent Systems Club
Wolverine Wisdom: "Break out of your shell and make an effort to meet new people."

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