Clinical Health Psychology

The Master of Science in Clinical Health Psychology is a graduate degree offered by the Behavioral Sciences Department in the College of Arts Sciences, and Letters (CASL) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

This two-year, 48-credit program trains mental health care providers to work in primary care settings, as well as more traditional clinical psychology settings. The curriculum of the program, in conjunction with 1 year of supervised postgraduate experience in an organized health care setting, is designed to fulfill the course requirements for the Michigan Limited License in Psychology.

The 48-credit program consists of eleven required courses (36 credits) in core areas of Clinical Health Psychology. Six credit hours will be devoted to practicum in a community setting. Students will take either two elective courses or complete a master's thesis under the supervision of program faculty.

More about the MS program in Clinical Health Psychology

The MS program in Clinical Health Psychology is designed for the full or part-time student who has an undergraduate degree and wishes to obtain a degree in the Behavioral Sciences leading to the Michigan Limited License in Psychology. Graduates of the program are prepared to provide evaluation, counseling and therapy services to clients in a variety of clinical settings with an emphasis on using psychological interventions in the treatment of medical problems.

MS in Clinical Health Psychology
I've always had an intense interest ... how people work and why people behave the way they do.
— Chantel Ulfig, MS In Clinical Health Psychology '14

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