Application Deadlines

When should you complete an application?

Application deadlines vary by graduate program. Reviewing our How to Apply instructions and admissions processing timelines can help you plan for the timeframe between application submission and receiving an admission decision.

Some graduate programs admit students to all entry terms (Fall, Winter, and Summer) while others limit admission to select terms. Various programs may offer seven or fourteen week course options for the Summer term. See below for guidelines. For more details, please refer to our academic calendar.

The following terms are available to apply: Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Winter 2025. If you would like to receive a notification when a future term application becomes available, please be sure you have completed a request for information form for your intended start term. 

Programs With Hard Deadlines and Limited Admit Terms

Select programs review applications with hard deadlines, requiring the online application and all supplemental items to be received by the posted deadline in order to be considered for admission. We encourage early submission to ensure your application can be processed and your checklist verified for completion prior to the deadline. 

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Fall: February 1 

Winter: August 1

Fall: February 1
College of Education, Health, and Human ServicesFall: March 15
Early Childhood Education (MA)

Fall 2024: March 15

Fall 2025: 

  • Priority: March 15, 2025
  • Hard Deadline: May 15, 2025

Beginning 2025, Fall only: 

  • Priority: March 15, 2025
  • Hard Deadline: May 15, 2025
College of Arts, Sciences, and LettersClinical Health Psychology (MS) Fall: March 15 

All Other Programs are Rolling Admissions

All other graduate programs not listed above operate on a rolling admissions basis, meaning our deadlines are advisory and a file can be routed for admission consideration once complete. We recommend all required documents be submitted by the posted advisory deadline in order to receive an admission decision for your preferred term and have ample time for post-admission planning before the start of the term. Programs without hard deadlines (rolling admissions) will continue to accept applications and supporting materials beyond the advisory deadline.

Those submitting an application or supplemental materials beyond the posted advisory deadline should note our admissions processing timelines to help you plan for the timeframe to receive an admission decision. Applicants with non-U.S. postsecondary academic history should allow for time to submit transcripts to an accepted third-party service for a course-by-course evaluation or to allow additional time for an internal review. For more information on this requirement, please review our How to Apply Instructions

For deadline information for non-degree programs (Graduate Certificates, Graduate Guest, Graduate Non-Candidate for Degree), please refer to the Non-Degree Application Procedures

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