Making an appointment at the Writing Center is easy.

Sign up through our online scheduling system, WCOnline.

Once we have your registration on file, you can make all of your appointments online. When you're signed in, select the location you wish to visit from the drop down menu. You'll have the option of our main CASL location, Library second floor, and Fairlane Center North 138. For online students or for caretakers with demanding schedules, you also have the option of scheduling an online writing appointment. If you are not an online student or a caretaker and would like to schedule an online appointment, please email the Writing Center coordinator.*


All students should note that they are allowed only one (1) missed appointment per semester. Upon your second (2nd) missed appointment, you will be automatically blocked from making appointments online. You may appeal a block by emailing the Writing Center Coordinator.


*Asynchronous Online Writing Appointments

Asynchronous appointments allow the writer and consultant to engage via email without needing to be present at the same time. For these appointments, include all your questions for the writing consultant in the appointment scheduler. After the appointment is scheduled, a "Success" window will appear. You can attach your piece of writing and the prompt in this window. If you would like to attach the files at a later time, select the yellow envelope icon next to "Help?" on the schedule page and upload them here for any existing appointments. Your consultant will return your writing with comments within 24 hours after the scheduled appointment time. Note that online consultants do not proof or line edit your work; they respond qualitatively to your questions and offer advise for revision. Recurring syntactical or grammatical errors may also be identified, time permitting.

What to bring to your appointment:

We encourage you to come at any stage in the writing process, so you may not have much to bring with you! See which of the following might pertain to you and your writing project:

  1. Your writing project, on paper or digitally.
  2. Prompt or writing assignment.
  3. Instructor's comments or assessment.
  4. Goals for your writing and questions you have about the project.

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