Global Cultures

The minor in Global Cultures helps students understand global systems and processes in different world regions.

Deeper understanding of global change and the interdependence of the United States with the rest of the world is important to students who wish to be well informed about the contemporary world and prepared for jobs that are affected by global dynamics. 

A minor concentration in Global Cultures provides a useful complement to students majoring in a number of different areas in any of the four colleges on campus. Students wishing to study or work abroad, students working with populations from different parts of the world, and students simply wishing to expand their horizons to a more global scale, will all benefit from combining their area of study with the Global Cultures minor.

For information regarding the program, please contact:

Professor Jorge González del Pozo
Room 3016 CASL Building 

Minor Requirements

Learn more about CASL Degree Requirements.

To fulfill a minor a student must complete 15 credit hours of coursework in the program as outlined below.

Program Goals

Our mission is to help our students to be equipped to approach the global world. Our goal is to prepare students for a world that is increasingly diverse, international and interdependent by helping them understand global dynamics and cultures in different world regions.