As the science of behavior and psychological processes, psychology has a vast range.

At one end, it borders on the natural sciences such as biology and physiology, and at the other, it shares interest with social science disciplines such as sociology and anthropology. With the goal of understanding, predicting, and modifying behavior and psychological processes, psychologists must include in their studies a variety of perspectives.

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Arlo Clark-Foos, Ph.D.

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Full-Time Psychology Faculty

Marie Waung

Associate Dean, Professor of Psychology

David Chatkoff

Associate Professor of Psychology

Arlo Clark-Foos

Associate Professor of Psychology

Francine Dolins

Associate Professor of Psychology

Robert Hymes

Associate Professor of Psychology

Christian Klein

LEO Lecturer II in Psychology

Michelle Leonard

Associate Professor of Psychology; Program Director, Health Psychology and Clinical Health Psychology

Zhong Xu Liu

Associate Professor of Psychology

Roger Loeb

Professor of Psychology; Director, Psychology Internship

Pam McAuslan

Professor of Psychology, Psychology Discipline Coordinator

Joseph Musial

Teaching Professor of Psychology

Harmony Reppond

Associate Professor of Psychology

Nitya Sethuraman

Associate Professor of Psychology

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Narissa Ayoub

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