Sociology is the study of society and how it is shaped by individual and collective action.

A "sociological imagination" helps us to see the connections between private troubles, experience individually, and public issues, experienced collectively. It also explains how individual attitudes and behaviors are distributed in patterned and predictable ways according to the position of the individual society's institutional structure. These institutions include those of economy, government, family, education, and religion.

Sociologists are cross-disciplinary in their research as well as teaching.  This means that they are active in related programs on campus, such as Criminal Justice StudiesUrban and Regional StudiesWomen's and Gender Studies, American Studies, African and African-American StudiesReligious Studies, and Law and Society.

For more information about a degree in Sociology, contact: Francine Banner, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology.

Full-Time Sociology Faculty

Francine Banner

Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences; Professor of Sociology

Paul Draus

Professor of Sociology; Director, Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Kevin Early

Associate Professor of Sociology

Ivy Forsythe-Brown

Associate Professor of Sociology

Krim Lacey

Associate Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology

Nehal Patel

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Carmel Price

Associate Professor of Sociology

Degree Requirements

Students can pursue a major or a minor in Sociology. Learn more about requirements.

Sociology can provide you with a lot of skills as well as resources for you to use in the labor market.

Internship and Research Opportunities

Sociology students are provided with supervised field experience in a variety of occupational agencies focusing on social work and/or criminal justice. Students are placed in sites appropriate to their occupational goals. 

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