Arab American Studies (AAST) Certificate

The Arab American Studies (AAST) Certificate is an interdisciplinary undergraduate and post-baccalaureate certificate that prepares students for working and living in our diverse metropolitan region and world by concentrating on the historical and current experiences of Arab and Muslim Americans and the relevance of those experiences for understanding race and ethnicity in the U.S. and globally. The interdisciplinary approach of the certificate provides students with analytical frameworks for understanding how social, cultural, legal, and political factors influence the lives of Arab American individuals, families, and communities. The program of study examines a broad spectrum of diversity to understand the ways that immigration, racism and discrimination, gender and sexuality, class, ethnicity, culture, and religion intersect with one another in people’s lives.

For more information, contact AAST Coordinator Sally Howell.

Information on the AAST Certificate

The AAST Certificate is designed to allow students to take advantage of existing courses in Arab American history and cognates related to Arab American Studies (in Anthropology, Health, Literature, and other disciplines) in order to focus on the study of Arab American history and culture. The AAST Certificate is designed to complement and combine with other existing certificate and minor programs (such as Arabic, Middle East Studies, Urban Studies, and Global Culture) and/or to provide a coherent combination of courses for CASL’s new Individual Program of Study Major.

AAST Certificate Faculty

Camron Michael Amin

Professor of Middle East and Iranian Diaspora Studies

Maya Barak

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Studies

Hani Bawardi

Associate Professor of History

Wessam Elmeligi

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Arab American Studies

Ivy Forsythe-Brown

Associate Professor of Sociology

Mouhanad Hammami

LEO Intermittent Lecturer

Carmel Price

Associate Professor of Sociology

Ara Sanjian

Associate Professor of History; Director of Armenian Research Center

Amny Shuraydi

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Ronald Stockton

Professor of Political Science (retired December 2020)

Rose Wellman

Associate Professor of Anthropology