English Language and Linguistics Certificate

Linguistics is the scientific study of language: It studies vocabulary, speech sounds, grammatical structures, and cultural conventions in diverse speech communities around the world. 

The English Language and Linguistics Certificate sets out to provide students with a focused understanding of the structure of the English language, as well as an understanding of how the spread of English contributes to language contact, urbanization, globalization, multilingualism, and many other aspects of language and society. 

The certificate allows students to have flexibility to plan their own program completion by selecting different combinations of the courses from two separate modules. Only one course is required and the remaining nine credit hours may be taken in ways reflecting their own academic interest.

This program helps students market themselves more competitively upon graduation. Students can combine their majors with the certificate to work in diverse professions. We provide several possible scenarios below that demonstrate how the proposed certificate can boost their career. Some of the careers they can pursue include but are not limited to the following:

Information about the Certificate

Linguistics Faculty

Daniel Davis

Chair, Language, Culture, and the Arts; Professor of Linguistics

Jamie Shinhee Lee

Professor of Linguistics