Writing (WRIT) Certificate

University of Michigan-Dearborn students will be awarded a Certificate in Writing after they have completed three writing courses (9 credits) beyond the 200 level and a writing practicum of at least 30 hours.

To be eligible for the certificate students will have to earn B or better in the writing courses they use to complete the required nine hours. At least one of the three courses must be a Composition course and carry the COMP prefix.

Students pursuing the certificate will have several options for fulfilling the practicum component of the Certificate which might include: Composing a substantial creative work in an independent study with a faculty member; completing an internship with the Humanities Internship Program that includes a substantial writing or editing component; serving as a peer consultant in the Writing Center or engaging in community service that involves substantial writing or editing.

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I feel confident in my writing skills and have been recognized for it by several employers. I also greatly enjoyed the writing classes at the time and continue to enjoy writing both for my occupation and my daily life.

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