HHS at UM-Dearborn leads to MSW at UM-Ann Arbor School of Social Work

A dynamic partnership across two University of Michigan campuses enables UM-Dearborn HHS students with a Human Services concentration to earn a BS and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from UM-Ann Arbor in just five years.

Why Human Services and Social Work?

  • You have an interest in helping individuals, families and communities function effectively and overcome considerable obstacles and challenges.
  • You will develop an understanding of diversity, discrimination, oppression and the research and community organizing skills to advocate for social and economic justice.
  • You are eager to join the 96% of UM MSW students employed after graduation.
  • You have a chance to take advantage of 300+ scholarship opportunities for MSW students.

How to Apply?

You must be a current undergraduate student at UM-Dearborn.  You must declare and complete the Human Services concentration within the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health and Human Services degree. The specific steps are as follows:

  • Complete major and concentration requirements (80 credits).
  • Apply for admission to the MSW program by March 1st.
  • Successfully complete remaining electives and specialized course requirements.
  • Finish admissions process and matriculate into the #1 ranked UM School of Social Work in Ann Arbor.

Sample Timeline

Year 1-2
HHS at UM-Dearborn
Year 3
HHS at UM-Dearborn
Year 4
HHS at UM-Dearborn and
MSW at UM-Ann Arbor
Year 5
MSW Program at UM-Ann Arbor
  • Complete core courses in BS in Health and Human Services.
  • Complete Human Services concentration courses.
  • Complete HHS 410 (Quantitative Research and Statistics) with a minimum grade of B.
  • Complete four (4) MSW courses with a minimum grade of B in each:
    SWK 504 and SWK 530 (Fall).
    SWK 521 and SWK 560 (Winter).
  • Complete remaining elective courses in HHS to earn 120 total credits needed for graduation.
  • Complete coaching and support sessions to prepare students to enter MSW program full-time next year.
  • Complete 15 credits of MSW courses and field placement in Fall semester.
  • Complete 15 credits of MSW courses and field placement in Winter semester.
  • Complete 15 credits of MSW courses and field placement in
    Spring/Summer semester.

This pathway is specific only to the MSW program at the UM-Ann Arbor. Courses may not be eligible for transfer to any other graduate Social Work program.

Double Counting Credits

The 4+1 Masters program allows current UM-Dearborn undergraduate students to complete both their BS in HHS and MSW degrees in an accelerated format. 4+1 students can double-count up to 12 credits of 500-level or above courses. Double-counting these 12 credits between the BS and MSW programs saves students a total of 4 classes.  In addition, in accordance with the campus Course Level Assessment Policy, undergraduate students are charged undergraduate tuition rates for graduate level courses. As a result, the cost of completing the Masters degree is reduced by more than $12,000, assuming part-time enrollment at resident tuition rates.

Grace Helms Kotre, MSW
Grace Helms Kotre, MSW
"As a graduate of the U-M School of Social Work and a current instructor of social work in HHS, I could not be more excited about this opportunity for students!
The HHS program at Dearborn provides an excellent foundation for students seeking to continue their education toward an MSW degree. Our rigorous and holistic curriculum empowers HHS grads to skillfully transition into graduate-level coursework and field placements.
My own experience at the U-M School of Social Work was life-changing. During my time as an MSW student, I learned how to embody social work values and advocate for social justice both in the classroom and in the world. The instructors and staff were exceptional and supported me in tailoring my experience to meet my personal and professional goals. With my MSW degree, I have been able to pursue a wide-ranging career path that has included community organizing, group facilitation, social justice advocacy, non-profit administration, and social work education. I look forward to working with students as they enter this wonderful new partnership!"

Finish Your MSW at U-M School of Social Work

Contact Information

CEHHS Office for Student Success
2150 Social Sciences Building (SSB)
[email protected]