The College of Education, Health, and Human Services and UM-Dearborn operate under a shared governance system.

Faculty governance within the unit is exercised most directly through regular meetings of the CEHHS Executive Committee and of the entire Governing Faculty. The university and the CEHHS Executive Committee, Governing Faculty and bylaws authorize a number of faculty committees to support faculty governance.

UM-Dearborn committees and CEHHS representatives

Faculty Senate

The UM-Dearborn Faculty Senate serves as the legislative arm of the Faculty Congress, and it is authorized to consider any subject pertaining to the interests of the Campus, and to make recommendations to the chancellor and the provost or to the Board of Regents in regard thereto.

Current members:

  • Anda Botoseneanu (2022)
  • Dara Hill (2023)
  • David Hill (2023)


  • Seong Hong (2023)

Senate Council:

University Curriculum and Degree Committee (UCDC)

The UCDC is a standing committee of UM-Dearborn. The committee’s charge is to: provide the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs with a university-level assessment of new course and degree program proposals; to serve, through its General Education Implementation Subcommittee, as the approval body for proposed general education curriculum; and to facilitate/monitor campus assessment activities through its University Assessment subcommittee. The UCDC Graduate Subcommittee (formally the stand alone committee known as the University of Michigan-Dearborn Graduate Subcommittee) bears responsibility for approving graduate course and degree program proposals as well as serving as the primary campus procedural body for Dearborn graduate programs.

Current members:

  • Stein Brunvand (serves as Associate Dean)
  • Paul Fossum (2021)
  • Chris Burke (2022)

CEHHS committees, positions and current memberships

Executive Committee

The CEHHS Executive Committee, in addition to assisting with administrative functions, is charged with the duties of investigating and formulating educational and instructional policies for consideration by the faculty and acts for the faculty in matters of budgets, promotions and appointments. The committee consists of the dean, who serves as ex-officio, and four tenured faculty members. 

Current members:

  • Anda Botoseneau (Health and Human Services, 2023)
  • Natalie Sampson (Health and Human Services, 2023)
  • Julie Taylor (Education, 2023)
  • Mesut Duran (Education, 2022)


  • Danielle DeFauw (Education, 2022)


Executive Committee Minutes

Governing Faculty

The Governing Faculty is in charge of the affairs of CEHHS, except as this responsibility is delegated to the Executive. The Governing Faculty consists of those members of this faculty holding appointments in the college as professors, associate professors and assistant professors. Instructors and lecturers may vote only if authorized by a majority vote of the governing faculty.

Current members: Please see the CEHHS Faculty Directory for a list of current governing faculty members.


Governing Faculty Minutes

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee serves as advisory to the Executive Committee. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding the approval of new courses, proposed changes to established courses and program requirements to ensure the integrity of the CEHHS’ curriculum. Membership consists of five members selected from the Governing Faculty. The chair is elected from the committee. The associate dean and the certification officer also attend meetings and serve ex-officio.

Current members:

  • Stein Brunvand, Chair and ex-officio
  • Jean-Carlos Lopez (2023)
  • Kim Killu (2021)
Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee considers student petitions for exceptions to plans of student study as prescribed by faculty advisers per program/degree requirements. The Professional Standards Committee consists of three members: the associate dean, the certification officer, and a third individual from the Governing Faculty. The associate dean serves as the committee chair.

Current members:

  • Stein Brunvand, Chair and ex-officio
  • Kim Killu (2023)
  • Lindsey Bookman (attending)
  • Jonathan Larson (attending)
Academic Hearing and Professional Dispositions Board

The Academic Hearing and Professional Dispositions Board is charged with considering possible cases of violation of the Student Academic Code of Conduct and also considers concerns of a non-academic or non-academic variety that evidence potential problems for students entering the teaching profession (e.g. communication concerns, human relations problems, emotional stability).

Current members:

  • Dara Hill (2023)
  • David Hill (2022)
  • Danielle DeFauw (2022)
  • Margaret Rathouz (liaising CASL representative)
Ed.D. Faculty Advisory Committee

The Ed.D. Advisory Committee members review, discuss and vote as appropriate on issues related to Ed.D. program policies, procedures, and students. The committee is responsible for the annual review, discussion, selection and interviews of Ed.D. program applicants.

Current members:

  • Chris Burke (coordinator)
  • Danielle DeFauw (2021)
  • Paul Fossum (2022)
  • Dara Hill (2023)
Technology and M-Portfolio Committee

This committee monitors technology trends and considers technology-related needs of the college and of College of Education, Health, and Human Services faculty (in support of their teaching, scholarship and service roles). The committee also works with other entities on campus involved in technology-related matters.

Current members:

  • David Hill (2022)
  • Claudia Lugo-Meeks (Instructional Learning Intermediate)

Other staff may also attend in an advisory capacity.

Faculty Secretary

To assist the dean and the college, the faculty secretary is responsible for the preparation and distribution of calls for CEHHS faculty meetings, soliciting items for the agendas of college meetings, and preparation and distribution of the agendas and the minutes of faculty meetings. The secretary also conducts all college elections.

Current member:

  • Dara Hill (2021)

The college parliamentarian rules on all points or questions of order that arise at meetings of the college faculty.

Current member: 

  • Paul Fossum (2023)

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

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