Faculty Directory

Members of the CEHHS faculty hold terminal degrees from reputable institutions in the United States and other nations.

Our diverse faculty is well prepared, actively involved in numerous professional organizations, and regularly engaged in applied research and the discovery of new knowledge regarding the helping professions. Our strong core of lecturers and adjunct faculty members possess unique qualifications, enriching their instruction through their background and experiences in the areas of education, healthcare, and human services. Also, a well-qualified supporting staff serve students from both the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Finn Bell

Assistant Professor of Human Services
Teaching Areas: Environmental Studies , Social Welfare Policy , Social Work
Research Areas: Climate Change & Health , Community Based Research , Ecojustice Education , Food Policy , Research Methods

Brian Boggs

Assistant Professor of Policy and Educational Leadership
Teaching Areas: Education (Doctorate) , Education Specialist , M.A. in Educational Leadership
Research Areas: Education Policy , Educational Leadership , Law , Politics / Political Science , Urban Education

Erin Bronstein

Assistant Professor of Social Studies
Teaching Areas: Elementary Certification , Global Cultures , Program and Project Management , Secondary Certification , Social Studies
Research Areas: Cultural Studies / History , Decision Analysis , History Education , Multicultural Education

Stein Brunvand

Associate Dean; Director, Graduate Programs; Professor, Educational Technology
Teaching Areas: Elementary Certification , Instructional Technology , M.A. in Educational Technology , Secondary Certification
Research Areas: Educational Technology , Technology and Teacher Education

Christopher Burke

Chair, Department of Education; Professor
Teaching Areas: Education (Doctorate) , Education Specialist , Elementary Certification , M.A in Community Based Education , M.S. in Science Education
Research Areas: Community Based Education , Ecojustice Education , Multicultural Education , Place Based Education , Science Education , STEM Teaching and Learning , Urban Education

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

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