Joining a student organization is a great way to get involved, build professional skills and help our community!

University of Michigan-Dearborn is home to more than 180 student organizations, three of which are housed in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services. These organizations, along with those campus wide, allow students at UM-Dearborn to make a difference in the region while developing important skills and making professional connections.

Child Life Student Association (CLSA)

The CLSA is an organization for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of child life or working with children in medical settings. The organization volunteers with local children's hospitals and foundations benefitting children who need support. We discuss different practices of child life such as coping mechanisms, distraction, diagnosis education, and therapeutic play. Our organization's goal is to spread the word of the many benefits of child life specialists in various settings and to support our members to complete the required steps for their future careers. The CLSA will work to provide networking opportunities with local hospitals to expand our knowledge and create partnerships for our students. For more information on how to join CLSA, please visit our VictorsLink page or e-mail CLSA.

Pi Lambda Theta

The mission of Pi Lambda Theta is to honor outstanding educators and inspire their leadership on critical education issues. Pi Lambda Theta is the most selective national honor society of educators and a contributing body to quality assurance in education. It employs its standing and reach to advocate for accomplished teaching and standards-based professional learning. Pi Lambda Theta provides a forum for exchanging and developing ideas, fostering individual leadership, promoting professionalism and recognizing excellence wherever it is found. For more information, see the national Pi Lambda Theta website.

Pre-Health Professions Student Organizations

We have many pre-med and pre-health student groups at UM-Dearborn.  Visit the Victors Link, the online hub for all student organization and campus resources at UM-Dearborn, to find specific groups and learn more.


SMEA (Student Michigan Education Association) is a pre-professional organization for students preparing for the teaching profession. The SMEA program helps to lead education majors to a brighter professional future. The organization exists to help students make a smooth transition from the campus to the classroom and to help give students the edge as a teacher in those very important first years. Members of SMEA stand with 2.8 million other members of the National Education Association who comprise a powerful force for educational excellence. As members of SMEA, students become part of an important network of Michigan professionals who work to shape and transform the minds and hearts of today’s youth.

For more information about SMEA, or to join, please contact:
Paul Bielich in the Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC), Room 267 FCS,

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Fairlane Center South (FCS)
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