Teacher Academy

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services Teacher Academies are designed and offered to provide an opportunity for focused study in emerging topics and areas of special interest.

Teacher Academy sessions are available for undergraduate or graduate credit, and can often be taken by non-students and the general public.

The Educational Escape Room

  • PDED 418BS/518BS
  • CRN's 23813/23814

Online: January 5-February 5, 2023.

Course description: Participants will learn how to develop educational escape rooms that can be used to engaged students in different content areas. Focus will be placed on crafting a relevant scenario, creating logical hints, and integrating the escape room activity into the curriculum. Participants will be introduced to a variety of tools and technologies that can be used to create escape room activities.

Checking our Digital Biases

  • PDED 418BV/518BV
  • CRN's 24823/24824

Online: January 5-February 5, 2023

Course description: Participants will learn how digital tools and artificial intelligence can perpetuate both conscious and subconscious biases by filtering the content we see online and through social media. There will be opportunities to address the moral and ethical issues associated with this as well as develop strategies for ensuring we get a more unfiltered view of the world through our digital interactions.

Creating a Maker Space

  • PDED 418BU/518BU
  • CRN's 23815/23816

Online: January 5-February 5, 2023

Course description: Participants will learn how to create a Maker Space within their own school or classroom. A variety of resources will be shared to help reduce the cost of developing a Maker Space. Participants will also learn about ways to design learning activities that utilize a Maker Space in order to advance the curriculum in different content areas.

Contact Information

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