Teacher Academy

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services Teacher Academies are designed and offered to provide an opportunity for focused study in emerging topics and areas of special interest.

Teacher Academy sessions are available for undergraduate or graduate credit, and can often be taken by non-students and the general public.

Creating Online Learning Experiences

  • PDED 418R/518AM
  • CRN's 32093/32092

Online: May 4-June 5, 2022.

Course description: This course will provide students with instruction on a variety of tools they can use to create online learning experiences for their students in order to fulfill the Online Learning requirement mandated by the State of Michigan.  Participants will also learn various strategies for teaching online.

Technology for the Flipped Classroom

  • PDED 418CA/518CA
  • CRN's 14115/14116

Online: May 4-June 5, 2022

Course description: Participants will learn how to use a variety of different technologies in order to “flip” their current or future classroom.  This will include using a learning management system (LMS) to create an online learning space and learning to create a variety of multimedia elements (screen capture tutorials, animations, digital videos) for instructional purposes.

CEHHS Office for Student Success
262 Fairlane Center South (FCS)