The undergraduate major in Instructional Technology prepares students to develop the knowledge and skills to improve the learning by using technology across a broad spectrum of employment settings.

This program is rooted in strong academics, innovative research and engaged learning. Students will have the opportunity to engage in real-world learning experiences through internships in professional settings. The curriculum outlined for the undergraduate degree in instructional technology provides students with a choice of a focus in either health informatics or education.

Digital technology is a key factor in almost every industry, business, educational setting and healthcare environment. Instructional technologists are needed in work places to train employees to use technology efficiently, to learn to use and apply new technologies as they emerge and to create training materials. Therefore, a wide variety of jobs are available for a student with a major in instructional technology including:

  • Instructional designer
  • Training developer
  • Computer user support
  • Web-based training
  • Program Goals

    Instructional Technology is a field concerned with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of learning, performance improvement, and instructional delivery by using appropriate technology.

    Students will learn how to:

    • design instruction using needs assessment
    • apply learning theory to instructional design
    • select a delivery system for the specific learning environment
    • integrate instruction with other factors that influence human performance
    • use technology in support of the development and delivery of instruction

Undergraduate Programs

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