Accepting Aid

How to Accept Aid


When accepting financial aid awards, it is assumed that you read and understand the Conditions of the Awards and your rights and responsibilities as specified in the Required Reading(Found in the Publications Section).

Students are able to accept loans on a term-by-term basis.  For example, the Fall Semester of a Federal Student Loan can be accepted, but leave the Winter Semester at the offered status to determine how much you will need after registration.

Special Notes

  • All grants and some scholarships ("gift aid") are automatically accepted on your behalf. You are expected to know and understand the terms and conditions associated with each award.

  • If you have been offered loans or work-study, you must decide to accept, to decline or to reduce each of these awards.

  • Reducing or declining loans and/or work-study will not increase the amount of aid received in grants and scholarships. By accepting your award offers and receiving the funds, you are accepting responsibility to comply with all eligibility requirement.

  • Loans must be repaid after graduation or upon leaving college or enrolling at a less than half-time status (6 credits undergraduate/4 credits graduate). 

  • Work study provides funding for employment on campus and off campus for non-profit or community service employers.

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