Receiving Aid

Financial aid funds are disbursed for use in each semester of enrollment.

Once a student applicant has accepted the aid offer and completed any additional requirements the funds that have been awarded are eligible to be disbursed (applied to the student's tuition account).  These funds are disbursed (applied) electronically to your tuition account beginning no earlier than 10 days prior to the start of the semester.

It is the policy of the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to disburse financial aid funds to students' account every Monday and Thursday.  There are exceptions during the Add/Drop period of each semester or days when the university is closed.  During the Add/Drop periods, please check our webpage for the semester which will provide details of the disbursement schedule.

  • Whenever any aid is disbursed to or reversed from a student's account, an email notification of disbursement is sent to the UM-Dearborn email address. Students are directed to review their student account.
  • If the amount of financial aid received for a term exceeds the cost of tuition and fees, a  refund will be made as a direct deposit or sent as a paper check. Students are encouraged to enroll in the direct deposit program because of the speed and safety of the transaction.

Refunds are processed by the Student Accounts Office.  Direct Deposit refunds are processed faster than paper check refunds.  To enroll in direct deposit, visit the Student Accounts Self-Service, login with your Unique Name and password, and follow the instructions to enroll in direct deposit.

Gift aid is initially awarded on a full-time basis. Students who enroll for less than full-time will have the grant funds prorated as follows:

  • Students enrolled 3/4-time (9-11 credits) will receive 75% of the original term offer.
  • Students enrolled half-time (6-8 credits) will receive 50% of the original term offer.
  • Students enrolled less than half-time (1-5 credits) are ineligible for most grants and scholarships. 
  • There are exceptions for less than half-time enrollment for TEACH Grants and some Pell Grant recipients.

Your disbursement of funds may be delayed:

  • If you are not registered full-time and have not requested in writing that your projected enrollment status be changed.
  • You have wait listed class which do not count towards enrollment.
  • If you have not accepted your student loans online through the Financial Aid & Scholarship Self Service Portal.
  • If all requested documents or follow-up materials have not been received and/or processed by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (including appeals based on special circumstances)
  • If you have not completed your Direct Loan Master Promissory Note online 
  • If you have not completed the Entrance Loan Counseling requirements
  • If your private scholarship was received late or had donor restrictions
  • If you are auditing a class (not eligible for financial aid), are enrolled for an additive credit course that does not qualify for financial aid, or you are not eligible to retake a course with financial aid
  • If your status has changed from a Degree Candidate to a Non-Candidate for Degree Student, you may be ineligible for financial aid

Financial aid applicants whose aid is pending are not required to make a tuition payment until the aid eligibility has been determined. Once accepted financial aid has been disbursed, late fees may be reversed.

The Student Accounts Office will send notices of outstanding student account balances to your UM-Dearborn email address with a link to the student account. 

If after financial aid eligibility is determined and a student declines his/her award or is ineligible for any aid, the student is responsible for all of the tuition assessed or late fees. Students whose accepted aid does not cover all of their tuition obligations are responsible for the amount of tuition not covered through the financial aid. Students can view their balances in Financial Aid & Scholarship Self Service Portal.

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