If you want kids to learn music, teach it like a language

Education doctoral student and elementary music teacher Eric Bottorff recently won the Michigan Music Educator of the Year award for his inventive classroom approaches, including teaching music to special education students....

Campus Colleagues: Rick Morrone

You may know Rick Morrone as an instructional learning assistant in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. But outside of work, he has an eclectic creative life that includes collaborating with a local hip hop artist and playing a supporting role for ...

Breaking the ‘cold chain’

Materials scientist Pravansu Mohanty has developed a way to eliminate the need for cold storage of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Could his startup be a game changer for bringing advanced medicines to lower-income countries?...

Campus Colleagues: Jay Crofton

The custodian, who’s worked in the U-M system for over a decade, has two very cool pastimes....

Class of Fall 2023: College of Business graduate Joe Lubomirski

UM-Dearborn’s Director of Security, Infrastructure and Operations Joe Lubomirski has solid IT skills, but he wanted to grow as a leader. So the U-M employee of 20-plus years enrolled in the MBA program....

Campus Colleagues: Theresa Cry

Enrollment Program Specialist Theresa Cry is on a mission to connect youth to the transformative power of higher education....

Campus Colleagues: John Powell

Get to know Assistant Director of Web Strategy and Services John Powell, the thoughtful artist who’s working behind the scenes on umdearborn.edu. ...

Bringing together perspectives, expertise and experiences

Professor Paul Draus sees his new role as faculty director of the Detroit Center as an opportunity to grow connections between U-M and Detroit communities....

Get to Know Dave Hawkins, UM-Dearborn chief of police

Hawkins brings 20-plus years of U-M police experience and a love of the community to his UM-Dearborn Public Safety leadership role....

‘We are all going to miss him’

College of Business Lecturer of Marketing Chris Samfilippo, a charismatic educator in UM-Dearborn's Management Studies Department, died Sept. 16. He was 67....