The new class that's giving students a crash course in personal health and wellness

The Health and Human Services department debuted several new classes this semester. We drop in on a new intro course that's putting students in control of their own health....

Everything you need to know about Moses the therapy dog

Counseling and Psychological Services added a new team member back in February. But don’t confuse this pup for a mascot. He has a job to do....

Gardeners can score free seeds at this new seed library

UM-Dearborn staff and students helped launch the pilot project that encourages healthy eating and seed saving....

Helping people heal

UM-Dearborn educators are leading the way in creating pathways to opportunity for those with trauma exposure through a new promising approach....

To serve and protect

With hashtags and history at times grouping authority and the public on opposing sides, what can be done to bring everyone back together? Police officers are working with educators to understand the public point of view during the campus-created Alternativ...

New Health Communication Certificate offers personal and professional benefits

The 16-credit program, which begins this fall, focuses on helping students become better producers and consumers of messages about health and wellness....

Inside the child welfare course that’s changing students’ lives

Teaching about child maltreatment and trauma takes a special awareness for how close to home the topic can hit for many students....

Giving kids safe routes to school

To encourage physical activities and healthy habits for elementary and middle school students, UM-Dearborn helped land a $100,000 grant to implement the Safe Routes to School Program....

HVAC tweaks are adding an extra layer of COVID safety

UM-Dearborn’s facilities teams are going beyond recommended standards in some cases to ease folks' nerves about returning to the office....

The Healing Power of Artistic Expression

Mardigian Library is creating an archive of campus experiences during COVID through artistic expression and oral history....