Can we still find a path to civil discourse?

In an era where strong opinions dominate and people are increasingly unwilling to entertain alternative perspectives, Chancellor Domenico Grasso is going old school in his effort to rebuild the foundation for debating big issues....
Chancellor Domenico Grass stands for a portrait in front of two small Dogwood trees in bloom on the UM-Dearborn campus

Could you be friends with a robot?

CECS Associate Professor Samir Rawashdeh creates interactive robots for his kids to play with. It’s taught him something about what it might take to make human-robot interactions meaningful. ...

Living, working and learning in Detroit

Through U-M’s Semester in Detroit program, students meet community leaders and immerse themselves in the city – while earning a stipend and college credit....

Lynn Perry Wooten visits UM-Dearborn for Thought Leaders Series

The Simmons University president and former Ross School of Business professor shared her insights on the “she-cession” and best practices for supporting women in leadership....

We’re not ready for the electrification era

To slash emissions and battle climate change, countries across the world are pushing the adoption of electricity-based technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps. But Associate Professor Wencong Su says the grid is nowhere near ready for a lot more...

AI's mysterious ‘black box’ problem, explained

Artificial intelligence can do amazing things that humans can’t, but in many cases, we have no idea how AI systems make their decisions. UM-Dearborn Associate Professor Samir Rawashdeh explains why that’s a big deal....

Dania Bazzi’s American Dream

The two-time UM-Dearborn alum and West Bloomfield superintendent talks about why she’s dedicated her life to education and what we stand to lose when we abandon our faith in public schools. ...

What we’re missing when we simplify MLK’s life and legacy

Associate Professor Terri Laws thinks honoring Martin Luther King Jr. must start with a more thorough reckoning with his thought, his place in history and his relevance for today....

When content isn’t king

To boost learning, faculty should cut material. Wait, what?...

Practicing hope in the age of climate change

New HHS assistant professor Finn Bell talks about why the human aspects of climate resilience matter....