My first (pandemic) job: Software engineer Farzana Fariha

We kick off a series on the work lives of recent grads, whose post-graduation careers have happened entirely during the pandemic....

Pushing your best work beyond academia

Associate Professor Dara Hill recently made a short documentary based on her research to reach audiences other than her fellow academics. It’s also helped renew her enthusiasm for the work....

Should we view cyberattacks as acts of war?

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The future’s best robots may not have arms, faces or talk. But they’ll still change how we live.

UM-Dearborn’s robotics faculty talk about how public expectations for robots are often out of sync with realities of the technology. But that shouldn’t stunt our optimism about the field’s future....

Adventures in labor-based grading

Associate Professor of Composition and Rhetoric Mike MacDonald gives us a tour of his recent experiments with reimagining letter grades....

How students felt about their year-plus of pandemic learning

Recent student focus groups hosted by the Hub offer a candid look at what went well, what didn’t, and what ideas might have staying power post-pandemic....

New dean Ghassan Kridli talks about the future of CECS

Kridli is taking the helm at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at a time when the world of engineering is changing in fundamental ways....

Can we make artificial intelligence more ethical?

Two UM-Dearborn experts explain why machine learning is vulnerable to bias and why fixing the problem is such a big challenge....

What’s going on with voting rights in Michigan?

Two UM-Dearborn political science professors break down the policy and politics of new proposals to change how voting works in Michigan....