SUBJECT: Good news! Limited Re-opening of Lab Research

Dear Colleagues - 

I am extremely pleased to announce that the Office of Research of the University of Michigan has approved our plan for the limited reopening of laboratory research at the UM-Dearborn campus.  Our plan for lab research reactivation consists of a series of four waves involving 88 faculty members and researchers from two colleges, CASL and CECS, and re-opening six buildings.

The preparation for lab opening is in progress, and the first batch of approved researchers can begin to work in their campus lab/bench/studio on Monday, 6/8/20.  CASL and CECS leadership will provide their faculty with further details regarding the procedures of WAVE 1 lab re-opening. 

The UM-Dearborn campus is well-prepared for the re-opening of campus research labs.  Faculty and staff in many units — CASL, CECS, the Department of Police and Public Safety, Facilities Operations and Emergency Management —have developed guidelines for how to safely re-engage limited research activities that are compliant with state regulations and UMOR guidelines. These planning efforts will play a critical role as we navigate research and scholarship in the midst of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

It is necessary to understand and to accept that not everyone can safely resume his or her research and scholarship on the same date, and laboratories that are allowed to reopen will do so at a limited capacity in conformity with state regulations. We will have to operate very differently in the months ahead to protect health and safety.

I would also like to mention that the UM-Dearborn campus is open to accept faculty applications for field research/work. Two research teams have already received approval by UMOR and the Dearborn Office of Research.  Please contact your Dean’s office or Dearborn Office of Research for more information.

To close,  I want to acknowledge the meticulous, complex hard work of many people, with membership of the cooperating committees listed below.  I would also send a special shout out to the Campus Project Manager, Line Van Nieuwstadt for her tireless efforts in keeping this process smooth and coordinated, and to Interim Vice Provost for Research Yi Lu Murphey for her guidance and leadership.    

CASL Research Ramp Up Prioritization Committee

M. Hershock, S. Morgan, S. Kong, J. Chenoweth, D. Lawson, N. Licata, K. Kondapalli

CECS Research Lab Committee

A. England, N. Chakraborty, J. Cristiano, E. Kirk, L. van Nieuwstadt

Logistics and Infrastructure Committee

C. Glick, L. Drabczyk, G. Gorski, K. Headrick, S. Kong, E. Kirk, C. McPherson, R. Meyer, T. Perez, S. Poole, J. Van Couweberghe


Feels good to share good news!  With thanks again to all, and all my best wishes,


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