SUBJECT: New Course Attributes for Fall 2023 - Community Connected and Community Engaged!

February 1, 2023 at 8:52 AM

Good Morning Friends and Colleagues: 

As a part of the recent PBL conversations and work towards renewing Carnegie Engaged Campus Reclassification, a group of faculty and staff have developed campus-wide definitions of Community Connected and Community Engaged-PBL in order to create new course attributes. The attributes will be added to the course schedule each semester and signal to students the opportunity to register for a community connected or engaged course. 

The definitions of Community Connected and Community Engaged-PBL derive from the thoughtful work that each college and campus partner has undertaken to more fully capture the depth of engaged work already happening at UM-Dearborn. For example, courses that have been approved for the Academic Service Learning (ASL) attribute  will automatically qualify for a Community Engaged-PBL attribute. 

All faculty are invited to consider applying for the following attributes should the learning outcomes listed under the Community Connected or Community Engaged-PBL designations fit your course(s): 

In Community Connected PBL courses students will:

  • gain skills communicating and interacting with those outside of the campus community

  • develop networks and professional relationships with those outside of the campus community

  • reflect on their own potential to positively contribute to society through civic engagement

These outcomes could be reflected in courses by including:

      a. An introduction to interacting with community partners and organizations

      b. The establishment of a foundation for future partnership work

Examples include: inviting a guest speaker, taking a field trip, other single activities.


In Community Engaged PBL courses students will:

  • Gain the ability to understand and articulate their own assumptions about helping others and the potential limitations of providing “solutions” to others

  • Understand the needs and perspectives of various stakeholders within and external to campus and develop mutually beneficial projects with community partners

  • Develop the capacity to examine the world through the lens of equity and justice, and to act as engaged citizens

These outcomes would be seen in a course that:

     A. Is rooted in mutual benefit and a commitment to sustaining a partnership

     B. Involves a major project, scaffolds activities, or structures the whole course (50-100%)

Examples include: developing business plans alongside vendors at Eastern Market, working with a nonprofit to streamline their communications strategy, engaging with a corporate partner on a research project, and other mutually beneficial activities

Please review this decision tree to assist in determining which attribute, resources, and possible next steps may apply. 

The Community Connected/Community Engaged-PBL Attribute Application is live now! In order to attach an attribute for a Fall 2023 course, please submit your application form by February 20, 2023. 

Office of Metropolitan Impact | University of Michigan-Dearborn will take the lead on reviewing application forms and ensuring attributes are added appropriately each semester. After the initial application, faculty / courses who have applications and attributes approved will not need to apply each semester, rather, they will be contacted to confirm if the course is running. 


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