SUBJECT: Faculty Excellence Report

May 1, 2023 at 9:08 AM

Dear colleagues, 

I hope you are doing well and are getting a chance to unwind after a busy end to the semester! 

It is with much excitement that I share with you the Faculty Excellence Report which the Faculty Senate recently endorsed (Senate approved motion – “The Faculty Senate endorses the Faculty Excellence Committee report; specific recommendations for each college require further discussion with each of the colleges”). 

As mentioned earlier this year, a wonderful committee of your colleagues came together to recommend ways to advance the Boyer Model of Scholarship as part of a collective effort that seeks to emphasize the importance of embracing a broader and more inclusive approach to scholarship. 

The Faculty Excellence Committee is thrilled that our Faculty Senate recognizes the value of the Boyer Model and its potential impact on our institution. By embracing this model, we can create an environment that values and supports diverse forms of intellectual work, and recognizes the many contributions that our faculty members make to our institution.

The committee and I thank the Faculty Senate for its leadership and vision in endorsing the Boyer Model. We believe that this is an important step forward in advancing our institution's commitment to academic excellence as we continue to pursue a wide range of intellectual activities that contribute to our mission and strategic goals. Together, we can create an academic community that is vibrant, inclusive, and supportive of all forms of intellectual work. 

Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or suggestions. 




Mitchel A. Sollenberger, Ph.D.

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