SUBJECT: Winter and Summer 2022 Faculty Accommodation & Exception Requests

Dear instructional faculty colleagues;

As we plan for the winter and summer 2022 terms, I am writing to inform you about the process for faculty to submit accommodation & exception requests for on-campus teaching. These requests fall under two categories: 1) individual, personal, and medical accommodations under ADA; and 2) exception requests for uncommon situations involving other special circumstances (e.g., exceptional care responsibilities) that fall outside traditional ADA accommodations. Please use this form to initiate the review process and submit your request by no later than September 30, 2021.

Just like the fall semester, decisions about modality of classes (on campus, hybrid, remote) should be made first and foremost on the basis of what is most effective for the successful delivery of the course and in the best interests of our students. Whichever modality is elected for a course, it is expected that you will commit to that modality for the entirety of the winter or summer term, barring significantly changed personal circumstances, to ensure a consistent, minimally disrupted, learning experience for our students. We will be as flexible as possible, but must also maintain the centrality of our educational mission, the integrity of our curriculum, and our obligations to our students.

The requests will be reviewed by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources. Information provided will be kept confidential. Please do not submit any personal medical information on the form as this information will be requested separately by Human Resources. Supplementary information may be requested. You will be contacted within 7-10 days of your request. Once the Office of Human Resources requests your medical documentation please make sure to provide the documents as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing your request. Finally, please be advised that even if a teaching accommodation or exception request is granted, the faculty member’s department may not be able to offer such an option for pedagogical reasons. If such a situation arises then a conversation between the faculty member, department chair, human resources, and college leadership will occur to determine the best course of action.

We closely monitored the public health situation over the past year and a half with the goal of ensuring that the campus community continues to remain safe. We will continue to make adjustments as necessary, as we track the course of the pandemic.



Gabriella Scarlatta
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Office of the Provost

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