Students should be familiar with the following key terms and their definitions pertaining to the University of Michigan-Dearborn registration process.


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Key Term Definitions

Academic Advising

Academic advising should be sought from the student’s college or graduate department office prior to registration.

Course Load

Students may elect a maximum of 18 credit hours in a given semester. Students should contact their college for policies and procedures regarding electing hours in excess of the maximum.


Continuing students who are eligible to register will receive an email notifying them that registration is beginning. Registration dates are based on the number of credits toward program you currently have. You can determine your registration date based on credit toward program as listed in the "Registration Timetable." New students and those participating in non-traditional programs will receive written information regarding their registration appointment time.

Grading Options

Engineering Students are not permitted to elect courses Pass/Fail. For students who wish to elect the course for audit, please check with your college for its policy on electing a course for audit. Electing a course for audit requires permission of the instructor. The Web system will allow a student to select a course with the pass/fail or audit grading option.

Hold Credits

Students will not be allowed to register if they have a hold credit. A hold credit could result from having outstanding financial obligations to the university, academic probation, mandatory advising or other academic or non-academic conditions that require resolution prior to registration. Students eligible to use Web registration can check their holds via "UM-Dearborn Connect." The "View Your Holds" page is located in the secure area within the Student Records section.

Laboratory/Course Fees

Students will be assessed a laboratory/course fee if they enroll in any of the courses so designated in the schedule (e.g., "LAB FEE $25.00"). Payment for laboratory/course fees may be made in full at the Student Accounts' Office after registration according to the deferred payment schedule (see "Payment Policy"). The laboratory/course fee is refundable if the course is dropped prior to the beginning of the third week of classes in a full term, and prior to the beginning of the second week of classes in a half term. The procedure for obtaining a refund is described in the section "Refund Policy" within the "Payment Policy" section.

Late Registration

Late Registration begins on the first day of classes. All late registrations must be submitted to the Registrar's Office via email, or in person at the One Stop Student Services Office (1145 UC). For late registrations processed after the second week of classes for a full term and the first week of classes for a half term, a late registration fee is assessed to the student's account.

Students are required to have appropriate instructor signatures for all courses that have filled. Engineering students should contact the Engineering Records Office for required signatures. Personal Enrichment and Prospective Degree students must obtain signatures from the Office of Student Success.

After the second week of classes for a full term and the first week of classes for a half term, students are required to have appropriate instructor signatures to register for all courses. Upon approval, students who register will be assessed a late registration fee beginning with $25.00 and increasing in increments of $10.00 per week to a maximum of $45.00.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Observe all prerequisites and comments listed in the Schedule of Classes and Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog, or the "Course Descriptions" section. Special attention should be given to courses in which a concurrent election is required (e.g., Chemistry 134). For such courses, the student must also register for the Recitation/Laboratory if different from the course reference number (CRN) for the lecture. The system will prevent students from registering for courses for which the proper corequisites and prerequisites are missing. Any exceptions to the rule require approval from the department or college offering the course. If permission is granted, the department or college may override a prerequisite electronically or may require that the student obtains written permission. Written permission is required to elect a course without its required corequisites. Courses that require written permission must be elected at the Enrollment Services counter (1169 UC).

Pre-selected Courses

Students in the College of Business are able to pre-select College of Business courses (for further information, please contact the College of Business). Preselected courses are official registrations.

Registration Options

The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers eligible students two options for registration:

  • Walk-in (due to COVID-19 restrictions, walk-in registration is currently unavailable)
  • Web*

Please see Registration Instructions for more information.

*All students (with the exception of students in some non-traditional programs) who have been enrolled at least once in the last three terms, new graduate students and readmitted students who do not have financial obligations, academic holds, or other registration restrictions are eligible to register via the Web.

Time Conflicts

Students will not be allowed to register for courses that conflict in time. Students should contact their college for policies and procedures regarding courses with time conflicts.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees are available in the "Tuition and Fees" section. Please visit the "Payment Policy" section or the Student Accounts Office for the Tuition and Fee Payment Policy.


To waitlist, a course does not guarantee admission into it. Waitlisting may be done in person or via the Web during the early registration period through the first eight days of class for a Full Term (first three days of class for a Half Term). Office of the Registrar monitors waitlisted courses*. The faculty is not responsible for signing students into a class from the waitlist.

If enrollment in a course drops below the maximum, Office of the Registrar will enroll students from the waitlist (in order) into the course. Students will be sent a notification, via their official UM-Dearborn email, indicating that a waitlisted course has been added to their schedule.

Students who place their names on a waitlist for a course agree to be registered in the section if space becomes available or if a new section is opened at a time/day identical to that of the existing waitlisted section. Students must officially drop the waitlisted course from their schedule if they no longer wish to be considered for a space in a waitlisted course.

Additional Guidelines for waitlisting:

  • Students are not permitted to waitlist for more than one section of a multi-section course.
  • Students are not permitted to remain on a waitlist for a section of a course if they are already registered for a section of the same course.

If any of the above circumstances occur, the student will be deleted from one or all of the waitlisted courses for the section involved without notification.

  • Students are responsible for verifying that their schedule and student status will accommodate the waitlisted course. In the event that it does not, the waitlist request cannot be honored.

Please visit the Student Waitlist Policy and the Waitlist Operating Principles pages for additional information.

*The College of Business Student Advising Office will monitor and enroll students from the waitlist into business courses.

Student Agreement Upon Registration:

The student is responsible for enrollment in classes and for the following policies and procedures at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The student must notify the Office of the Registrar, via the Student Information System or email, to officially withdraw from the semester or add/drop any classes. The student can verify changes in course election and assessments via the Student Information System or by contacting the Office of the Registrar. The student accepts responsibility for tuition and fee charges regardless of attendance in class. Tuition and fee due dates are published by Student Accounts. If registered or added after the tuition due date, tuition and fees are due in full on or before the third Wednesday of the following month. If financial aid is pending, the amount due may change. Late payments are assessed a $30 late fine. The student agrees to read the Tuition and Fee Payment Policy, which stipulates payment obligations and the consequences if the student account should become delinquent. The student agrees to read and understand the policies regarding academic regulations (along with dates) as published in the applicable Catalog and the Registrar’s Office website. The student recognizes the need to retrieve electronic documents from Student Information System, i.e. e-bill, 1098-T form, etc.



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