​​​​​​The Wolverine Mentor Collective (Wolverine MC) is an exciting new mentoring program for first year, second year, and transfer undergraduate students.  Students are matched with mentors who are there to offer guidance as students acclimate to life in college.  Mentors will assist mentees in navigating the many adjustments that students often face when attending college for the first time. 

How it works:
Students are paired with someone invested in their success based on shared interests - a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges, and recognize opportunities. Students will learn what to expect in school, how to approach challenges, gain career advice and valuable insights while mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders. Mentor Collective's online platform provides training and resources for student mentors and makes it easy for mentors and mentees to connect.

Why Have a Mentor?

Starting college can be hard, particularly in today's hybrid environment. As a mentee, you can talk with your mentor about things such as:

  • Accessing campus support services
  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of utilizing a professor's office hours
  • Finding meaningful social outlets and becoming engaged on campus (research, internships, etc.)
  • Learning how to best manage your time
  • Maximizing your college experience so that you develop both academically and socially

Your Mentor Will:

  • Help guide you in your transition to college 
  • Have similar interests, hobbies, and experiences as you
  • Meet or video chat with you on a regular basis
  • Encourage you to set goals
Program Expectations

As part of the Wolverine MC, we want to help you succeed at UM-Dearborn - and become part of our community! In this program you can expect:

  1. Year-long commitment (August 2021 - April 2022)
  2. Regularly log your conversations with your mentee or mentor
  3. Monthly in-person/virtual meetings with your mentee or mentor
Becoming a Mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor? Great! Wolverine MC is an opportunity for mentors to: 

  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Share and reflect on attributes needed for academic and professional success
  • Increase confidence and motivation

You must have junior or senior status at UM-Dearborn, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and be in good academic standing. All matched mentors will be eligible to receive a Leaders & Best Service Award for participation in the semester in which they complete the requirements below. 

To be eligible for a $100 service award, matched mentors must:

  • Report at least five (5) conversations with their mentee(s) during the academic year
  • Earn the Mentoring Badge in the Talent Gateway. To earn the Mentoring Badge you must complete the 4 following challenges in the Talent Gateway
    • I Want to Make an Impact: Becoming a Mentor 
    • I Made an Impact! Reflecting on Being a Mentor 
    • What Mentoring Means to Me
    • Video: Mentoring Can Change the World 

Ready to get involved? Become a mentor today!


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