External Relations


The Office of External Relations at University of Michigan-Dearborn provides a wide range of support to the campus community. The team provides strategic support in the areas of communications and marketing, government relations and web strategy and development.

Mission Statement

The Office of External Relations provides essential communications, marketing, website and government relations expertise and services that allow the campus community to share the university’s mission that enable connections and relationships with stakeholders.


The Office of External Relations strives to be seen as a leader in higher education communications, marketing, website and government relations services, by offering creative and collaborative solutions to the university community. The team aspires to be viewed as strategic advisors in addressing university needs and opportunities.

Core Values


The department strives for excellence in delivering innovative ideas that advance the university's mission.


The department takes its job responsibilities seriously but understands work has to be fun and it allows time for laughter, reflection and appreciation of each other’s accomplishments.


The department enjoys the company of each other and is willing to assist with, collaborate on and lead various campus initiatives related to our department’s services in a respectful manner.


The department is strategic, enjoys its work and is committed to providing high-quality services to allow the university community to realize its mission, vision, goals and objectives.


The department takes pride in its work and the university community.

Strong Work Ethic

The department takes its responsibilities seriously and understands how its work fits into the university’s mission.


The department has a high level of trust in each other’s ability and allows team members to do the job they were hired to do. The department works well independently and together as a team. It is willing to “get the job done” regardless of the task at hand.

How to Reach Us

During the Fall 2021 semester we’ll be conducting university business in-person and virtually. Our contact information and location are below.

Our office hours are:

  • Monday - Thursday, 9-5, in person
  • Friday, 9-5, virtual

Office of External Relations

Administration Building (AB)
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