Building a ‘culture of health’ for all Dearborn residents

UM-Dearborn faculty, staff and students are helping the Healthy Dearborn coalition take on its biggest challenge yet: tackling the city’s health disparities....

Digging in

Anthropology Professor John Chenoweth spent his summer on the Cape Cod National Seashore looking for “350-year-old trash.” Along with 13 students, Chenoweth brought artifacts to the Anthropology Lab to learn more about one of America’s first colonial settl...

How Native Americans shape the American experience

November’s designated as Native American Heritage Month. But Anthropology Associate Professor Brian McKenna reminds his students in campus’ Indians of North America course that we benefit from the knowledge of this country’s indigenous people all year long...

To serve and protect

With hashtags and history at times grouping authority and the public on opposing sides, what can be done to bring everyone back together? Police officers are working with educators to understand the public point of view during the campus-created Alternativ...

'This is a generation that can change the world for the better'

Grad student Katie Smith and her psychology research won the 2022 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition on campus and she recently competed at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools' regionals....

How to manage the transition back to the office

Professor Marie Waung explores what’s on the horizon for the 21st century workspace, and gives suggestions for supervisors on how to support their teams’ return-to-work shifts....

COVID-19 and Flashbulb Memory

CASL student Bella Martincic’s research — which is featured in the CASL Research Showcase — looks at the pandemic and asks: Did news of the pandemic leave a strong mental impression? And what role does political affiliation play in that?...

'In America, opportunity is measured by ZIP code'

Associate Professor Kevin Early, a criminologist and expert in the field, is featured on the BET+ series "American Gangster: Trap Queens," which gives a platform for people to share their stories....

Humans evolved from group hunters to civic rule creators: Do other primates have these capacities for cooperation?

CASL professor receives $1M grant for project looking to reverse engineer behavior to better understand humans, our primate cousins, and to prepare for future artificial intelligence development. ...