Class of Spring 2024: CECS graduate Issa Hachem

One of three siblings to graduate from UM-Dearborn, computer engineering graduate Issa Hachem says getting to the commencement stage has been a family affair....
A color graphic featuring a headshot of student Issa Hachem

The remarkable life of Tony England

An adventurer to the core, Tony England’s uncommon achievements extend far beyond his time in space. We take a look at the life and legacy of the former dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, to whom the Engineering Lab Building is being ...

Could we make food processing ‘smarter’?

UM-Dearborn professors are teaming up with Michigan State University to take the human guesswork out of modern food processing....

Congrats to the CECS and CEHHS Medallion awardees

UM-Dearborn honors a select group of soon-to-be grads each semester for outstanding achievement....

America needs more farmers. Could robots help?

CECS Assistant Professor Jaerock Kwon is working on autonomous vehicles that could assist farmworkers. But building farm AVs presents a much different challenge than ones designed for the road....