Class of Spring 2024: CEHHS graduate Weirong Huang

The ’20 education alum returned for a master’s to pursue her passion for teaching English language learners. ...
A colorful graphic featuring a headshot of student Weirong Huang

If you want kids to learn music, teach it like a language

Education doctoral student and elementary music teacher Eric Bottorff recently won the Michigan Music Educator of the Year award for his inventive classroom approaches, including teaching music to special education students....

K-12 teachers need to understand AI. So do those who train them.

CEHHS Associate Dean Stein Brunvand was part of an inaugural fellowship program to help education faculty integrate this evolving technology into their curricula....

Quan Neloms' school of hip hop

The veteran Detroit teacher and UM-Dearborn lecturer’s Lyricist Society uses music as a platform to help young people find their voices....

Class of Spring 2023: CEHHS graduate Ezra Houghtby

The aspiring high school history and English teacher talks about why empathy is one of the most powerful classroom tools. ...

Dania Bazzi’s American Dream

The two-time UM-Dearborn alum and West Bloomfield superintendent talks about why she’s dedicated her life to education and what we stand to lose when we abandon our faith in public schools. ...

The mistake we keep making with educational technology

Educational Technology Professor Mesut Duran says we’ve fallen for the allure of the next big thing over and over again. But there is a way to put educational needs above the market....

Detroit Public Schools, CEHHS partner to revive elementary library

Bennett Elementary School Library—which had been closed for more than a decade—now includes thousands of reading materials thanks to the partnership....

Class of Fall 2022: CEHHS graduate Natalie Fowler

After a false start to a career in pharmacy, graduating master’s student Natalie Fowler is finding her stride teaching high school science....

What the school choice era looks like for Detroit’s 'newcomer' families

Associate Professor Dara Hill's long-term research is painting a complex portrait of how Detroit's new residents are navigating a turbulent education system....