This competition is hoping to address the shortage of EV battery engineers

The national collegiate Battery Workforce Challenge competition is giving UM-Dearborn and Henry Ford College students a rare opportunity to train on real EV batteries and real vehicles, while preparing them for in-demand careers....

UM-Dearborn and the Department of Defense are teaming up to modernize the DoD’s engineering ecosystem

An interdisciplinary team led by Professor Pravansu Mohanty is helping the DoD adopt the design and data sharing strategies that have become the backbone of modern manufacturing....

Two UM-Dearborn students awarded prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Nada Lachtar and Dania Ammar are the first UM-Dearborn doctoral students to be recognized with the competitive fellowship from one of the country’s premier graduate schools....

Two new CECS master’s programs to launch this fall

The college is welcoming inaugural classes of students in robotics engineering and human-centered design and engineering....

This CECS master’s shows just how fast the field of engineering is changing

A year after launching, interest is soaring in UM-Dearborn’s new human-centered design and engineering program. We take a look at some of the reasons why....

Engineering culture is getting more ‘open’ — and is better for it

The growing use of free and open resources is allowing researchers and students to tackle increasingly bigger challenges....

Construction on the new ELB is nearing the finish line

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, UM-Dearborn’s new Engineering Lab Building is set to be “substantially complete” by the end of October....

‘Build stuff. Be cool’

Why the MSEL, UM-Dearborn’s machine shop, is still an essential stop on the pathway to becoming a standout engineer. ...

A new car safety feature: better text for infotainment systems

A UM-Dearborn master’s student is investigating how things like typefaces, text size and line spacing impact drivers’ abilities to use increasingly complex dashboard touchscreens....

Bike safety research is going ‘high-res’ with this new technology

A UM-Dearborn professor has developed a bike-mounted lidar system that could help researchers and engineers design new strategies for safer streets....