Class of Fall 2022: CECS graduate Klea Hoxhallari

Nothing could stop this Albanian first-gen student from pursuing her dreams to study at an American university....

UM-Dearborn officially cuts the ribbon on the Omron Robotics and Human Factors Lab

The teaching and research lab features a special class of robots called “cobots,” which will help students explore the frontiers of human-robot collaboration....

‘Before we build a rocket, we have to build a team.’

The UM-Dearborn rocket team has become a force. How they did it is a story of hard work, teamwork, friendship and respect....

UM-Dearborn is getting a really cool new autonomous research vehicle

Driverless vehicle research on campus is about to get a big boost thanks to a new National Science Foundation grant....

UM-Dearborn professor honored for ‘home run’ industry partnership

Taehyun Shim’s work on a powerful driver assist technology is an aspirational model for university-industry collaborations....

How wearable technology is changing the study of sports injuries

UM-Dearborn bioengineering professor Amanda Esquivel is pioneering new techniques to explore underexplored questions about how athletes get hurt....

Class of ‘73 classmates look back on their formative years at UM-Dearborn

Longtime friends Tom Demmon (right) and Jim Gingrich shared a UM-Dearborn experience that, in some ways, looks a lot different than the student experience today. But the impacts of their education are everything we still strive for....

Building a highway between engineering and medicine

Associate Professor Nilay Chakraborty thinks that unleashing medicine’s biggest breakthroughs will take an engineer’s touch....

What an obscure invention of Nikola Tesla’s could teach us about diabetes

Bioengineering professor Joe Lo’s latest project is using a hundred-year-old technology to unravel the mysteries of how Type II diabetes exacts its toll on the body....

Construction on the new ELB is nearing the finish line

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, UM-Dearborn’s new Engineering Lab Building is set to be “substantially complete” by the end of October....