Spring ’24 grad parlays research and baseball experience into MLB job

After working in Associate Professor Amanda Esquivel’s bioengineering lab, UM-Dearborn slugger Matthew Williams landed a gig working with pitchers in the Kansas City Royals’ biomechanics facility....
UM-Dearborn student-athlete Matthew Williams winds up on the pitching mound during a baseball game.

Could we make food processing ‘smarter’?

UM-Dearborn professors are teaming up with Michigan State University to take the human guesswork out of modern food processing....

Amanda Esquivel is pushing student research into its next phase at UM-Dearborn

Undergraduate research has some solid momentum at UM-Dearborn. With her 2023-24 Provost Fellowship, the associate professor of mechanical engineering is focusing on how to keep it going....

Breaking the ‘cold chain’

Materials scientist Pravansu Mohanty has developed a way to eliminate the need for cold storage of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Could his startup be a game changer for bringing advanced medicines to lower-income countries?...

Closing the loop on EV battery fires

Assistant Professor Lei Chen is trying to understand the root cause of EV battery malfunctions. A new NSF-funded lab will advance his research — and could help improve the manufacturing process, too....

This competition is hoping to address the shortage of EV battery engineers

The national collegiate Battery Workforce Challenge competition is giving UM-Dearborn and Henry Ford College students a rare opportunity to train on real EV batteries and real vehicles, while preparing them for in-demand careers....
Students Julian Summers, Duncan Tyree, Steve Su, and Nicholas Wheelock stand for a portrait in the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems.

UM-Dearborn and the Department of Defense are teaming up to modernize the DoD’s engineering ecosystem

An interdisciplinary team led by Professor Pravansu Mohanty is helping the DoD adopt the design and data sharing strategies that have become the backbone of modern manufacturing....
Wearing a black flat cap, Professor Pravansu Mohanty stands for a portrait in his mechanical engineering lab

Mini cars are launching big careers

Students and faculty are doing advanced work in autonomy using one-tenth-scale cars. ...

Class of spring 2023: CECS graduate Sierra Stockwell

One of UM-Dearborn's most celebrated student engineering teams would not have survived without her. ...

A new-look program is preparing students for a paradigm shift in the auto industry

Launching in Fall 2023, the revamped Automotive and Mobility Systems Engineering master’s program is built for an industry being transformed by electrification and autonomy....