Takeaways from the 2024 State of the University

Why is it so tricky to put together the university’s annual budget? How are some of our new enrollment and retention efforts going so far? This year’s SOTU event featured some candid insights on these and other topics — plus a surprise appearance by the co...

Lynn Perry Wooten visits UM-Dearborn for Thought Leaders Series

The Simmons University president and former Ross School of Business professor shared her insights on the “she-cession” and best practices for supporting women in leadership....

A practical approach for addressing bias in artificial intelligence

University of Pennsylvania Professor and U-M alum Desmond Patton says building more ethical technological systems starts with bringing more voices to the table....

Why diversity is the secret to solving complex problems

U-M Professor Scott Page explains why diverse groups consistently outperform teams of like-minded experts....

Takeaways from Chancellor Grasso’s Oct. 19 town hall

Couldn’t make last week’s Conversation with the Chancellor event? We’ve broken down the big news on enrollment, strategic plan progress, hybrid work policies and more....

How UM-Dearborn’s new strategic plan is reshaping the university

Changing times in higher education call for new approaches. We break down how ideas from our strategic planning process are creating a new chapter at UM-Dearborn....

UM-Dearborn faculty are hauling in big grants at a ‘record’ pace

Vice Provost for Research Armen Zakarian breaks down why we may look back at this as a turning-point year for UM-Dearborn’s research enterprise....

How strategic planning could reshape the student experience at UM-Dearborn

Fully embracing our identity as a commuter campus could be the key to creating services and programs that today’s students need most....

Turning ideas into intentional, actionable steps

The UM-Dearborn DEI working group continues to meet, generate ideas and review campus community suggestions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion....

The big ideas that could get U-M to net-zero emissions

Recommendations from the teams working on U-M’s carbon neutrality plan reveal how the university could reach its ambitious goal to fight climate change....