Proposals for Sponsored Projects

Section: Business and Financial Services
Subject: Proposals for Sponsored Projects
Issued by: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Number: 506.2
Date Revised: 11/23/2011


The Director of Research and Sponsored Programs-Dearborn (ORSP-DBN) on the Dearborn Campus reviews and approves all proposals for sponsored projects on behalf of the Dearborn Campus. This includes external grant proposals in support of individual faculty research projects, proposals for government grants and contracts, research agreements, and proposals submitted to a sponsor by another institution where UM- Dearborn is a subcontractor or subgrantee on the project.

These guidelines are intended to expedite the submission of proposals while improving their success-rate and ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and University policies governing grants.


Seek the assistance of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs-Dearborn to obtain grant guidelines and find potential grant programs to support projects that involve research, instruction, or public service.

As early in the process as possible, inform ORSP-DBN staff that you intend to submit a proposal and request a timeline for submission. For more information on UM deadline policies, proposal submission processes, and typical time-lines, see the Research Office’s website. Send ORSP-DBN staff a copy of your draft budget or make an appointment early on to discuss the budget of your project. Seek ORSP-DBN’s assistance in interpreting guidelines and preparing a proposal for electronic submission. Discuss special issues (such as conflict of interest, hazardous materials, use of human subjects, indirect costs rates, and financial or non-financial cost-sharing or match) well in advance of submitting the proposal.

Approval for proposals is obtained using UM’s proposal approval system, the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system at Contact the Research Office for more information and assistance. The Director approves sponsored project proposals for the Dearborn Campus. Proposals submitted on behalf of the Dearborn Campus are sent to the Ann Arbor Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (formerly, the Division of Research Development and Administration or DRDA) for signature and mailing. Questions related to external grants and contracts may be directed to the Office of
Research and Sponsored Programs-Dearborn at 593-5468.