Wage and Salary Administration

Service Provided

Interpret salary guidelines including recommending new hire, transfer and promotional rates for staff, monitor special compensation adjustments, conduct salary equity reviews to ensure equitable distribution of wages, participate in organizational development, and conduct position evaluations for classification assignment.

Primary Contact Person

Any HR staff will be able to assist you.

Most classification descriptions are available on the web at https://hr.umich.edu/working-u-m/management-administration/compensation-classification.

Those not posted on the web may be obtained from HR.

Primary Reference

Standard Practice Guide Sections:

  • 201.07 Salary Programs
  • 201.34 New and Changed Positions
  • 201.36 "On Call" Pay
  • 201.38-0 Overtime (Regular Office, etc..)
  • 201.38-1 Overtime (Prof/Admin and Primary Staff)
  • 201.61-0 Transfer: Promotional, Lateral, Demotional
  • 201.61-1 Temporary Promotion/Salary Adjustment

Policy owned by: Human Resources

Last review: 7/2019

Last updated: 7/2019

Next review: 1/2021