Care and Equity for Faculty

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of higher education. We recognize shifts in professional duties, household labor, childcare, eldercare, and physical confinement increased faculty care obligations, workloads and stressors. These increases and demands have impacted not only our work lives, but health and mental health. In order to continue to effectively care for and support our students, we must also care for ourselves, our dependents, our communities, and each other.  To help address some of the workplace problems that have emerged for faculty, the Care and Equity Task Force, in connection with the Provost’s office and Deans, have developed information and guidelines regarding issues such as course evaluations, promotion, and service reduction. These issues are especially important to address in light of the disproportionate burden faced by women and people of color during the pandemic.  

This page contains the following information and links:

  • Course Preparation
  • Course Evaluations
  • Service Reduction
  • PDF Spending
  • COVID Impact Statements
    • Faculty COVID Impact Statement
    • Considerations for Instructors Submitting Review Materials During the Pandemic
    • Guidelines for Equitable Evaluation
    • Considerations for Review Committees During the Pandemic
  • DigPed Event Materials
    • Considerations when Submitting and Reviewing Faculty Materials during the Pandemic, Brought to You by DigPed at Dearborn and the Care & Equity Task Force video (February 19, 2021)