Hosting Speakers

Section: General Policies
Subject: Guidelines for Hosting Speakers
Issued by: Office of the Provost
Number: 601.1
Date Revised: 11/2010

All lectures and presentations open to the public should have an identified sponsoring organization (student organization, university office or department, academic center, etc.).
While the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s name and logo can be displayed, publicity and communications concerning any speaker sponsored by a faculty member, university office, unit or department should clearly identify the sponsoring agent and should carefully avoid any statement of implied university sponsorship. Announcements (including those posted on the Internet) should include the following:

  1. The specific sponsor(s) & co-sponsors such as the department, program, association, etc. (not the University of Michigan-Dearborn).
    The sponsor has the responsibility of making it clear that the organization, department, or program and not the institution, is extending the invitation to speak and that any views the speaker may express are his or her own and not necessarily those of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. To this end, the statement below should be included on advertisements, press releases, flyers, etc. that are related to the event:
    The University of Michigan-Dearborn does not necessarily endorse speakers’ views.
  2. The funding source for the event, if appropriate. For example: “Partial support provided by the Office of......”
  3. An accessibility statement.
    The University of Michigan–Dearborn is required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons who may wish to attend campus events. Sponsoring units should clearly identify in all invitations to events on campus or at campus-sponsored events off-campus the office to be contacted to request accommodations for the disabled and specify a deadline one week prior to the event by which the contact should occur so suitable arrangements can be made. When requests for accommodations are made, please contact the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Officer (593-5320) who will work with the sponsoring unit and Counseling and Support Services to provide what is required to meet the needs of the attendees.
    The following is an example of an ADA-compliant statement:
    Anyone requiring accommodations under the provisions of the ADA should contact (name/number/email address of unit contact) prior to (month/day/year) to allow time for arrangements to be made.

Campus Calendar
The web-based Campus Calendar has been developed to publicize campus events, including talks and other presentations open to the community. All sponsors should consult this calendar prior to committing to an event date to avoid unnecessary schedule conflicts. Likewise, once details are finalized, all presentations should be listed on the Campus Calendar.

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Last Reviewed: 4/2020

Next Review: 9/2021