Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A meaningful commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) requires an intentional and concurrent focus on both individual behavior and university systems/structures. This means we not only listen, hear and learn from and address the concerns of our community but also ensure that our established policies, practices and decisions reflect our commitment to DEI.

DEI and the University's Strategic Plan

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Student Experience and Success
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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Faculty and Staff Excellence
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Economic Sustainability

After significant consideration of community input, the chancellor and the senior leadership team formed the Go Blueprint for Success for further development and implementation. 

In Chancellor Grasso's 2019 inauguration address he outlined campus priorities and these priorities are the foundation of the campus's strategic plan.  The DEI Working Group will ensure the campus's commitment to DEI is woven through the strategic planning ideas.  

  • Enhancing the student experience and success. 
  • Supporting and developing faculty and staff excellence.
  • Ensuring economic sustainability. 
  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Submit ideas or contact us at: dei-dearborn@umich.edu. You may also invite a DEI Working Group representative to your next department meeting.