Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan

University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan, is a guide to support our campus in meeting enrollment and student success goals over the next decade as defined by our strategic plan.


Our overarching purpose remains to attract, retain and graduate students guided by our mission to offer a caring, inclusive community that commits to teaching, learning, research and scholarship, as well as access, affordability. The SEM Plan is to provide a process and framework that integrates campus wide efforts and strategic initiatives that support our students' access and success to facilitate recruitment and enrollment goals to provide more students in our region a Practice-Based University of Michigan degreeAs reflected in our SEM overview, campus buy-in and participation is critical for fostering long term enrollment and fiscal sustainability and we appreciate campus support and commitment to prioritize efforts to collaborate and develop a culture of strategic enrollment management.

Resources that support development and assessment of the plan:

Communications and Updates


Plan Feedback Phase (December 2022-April 2023)
Gather campus wide feedback on the plan, to ensure comprehensive reflection of active and future initiatives to impact recruitment and retention.
Implementation Accountability and Assessment Phase (May 2023-ongoing)
Implementation begins, guided by an accountability plan. Will continue to refine and monitor progress through the assessment plan.