Faculty and Staff Excellence

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  • Advance mission by developing action-oriented plans and projects that will allow UM-Dearborn to recruit, retain, develop, support and engage faculty and staff who are passionate and at the forefront of their fields and work in a collaborative manner

Flexibility in assessment of faculty performance and expectations

  • Implementation of Boyer Model of Scholarship as a framework for faculty performance and expectations.
    • Undertake a review of promotion and tenure procedures to include exploration of the Promotion and Tenure – Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PTIE) framework.
    • Ensure community-based scholarship and teaching, as well as research on teaching pedagogies, are valued and rewarded.

Leads: Cam Amin, Raju Balakrishnan, Marty Hershock, Ghassan Kridli, Ann Lampkin-Williams, Natalie Sampson, Mitch Sollenberger

Improve support for faculty research 

  • Increase programming and support to develop a faculty research culture; continued ‘matchmaking’ between grant opportunities and faculty interests and expertise.
  • Develop partnerships across campus with the Office of Research (Mardigian Library, Experience+; college-based units).
  • Emphasize Urban Futures or other interdisciplinary themes.
  • Empower faculty and student research teams to address global and regional complexities, including campus problems and issues (e.g., carbon neutrality).

Leads: Armen Zakarian, Maureen Linker 

Staff professional development

  •  Investing in our dedicated staff through professional advancement and development.

Lead: Rima Berry-Hung