For graduate students who are classified as a non-resident for tuition assessment, the Non-Resident Graduate Tuition Scholarship Program provides up to 80% of the difference between resident and non-resident tuition assessment. 

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility and maintenance criteria are determined by each college.  CASL and CEHHS require a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA to be newly eligible and a 3.2 cumulative GPA to maintain the scholarship.  CECS grants the scholarship to all non-resident admits (no minimum GPA required) and requires a 3.2 cumulative GPA to maintain the scholarship.  COB students must meet minimum GPA, employment, and other criteria listed on the application form. Additional terms and conditions are itemized by each awarding college. 

How To Apply

For newly admitted graduate students in the College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters (CASL); the College of Education, Health, & Human Services (CEHHS); and the College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS), the awarding process is automated and no separate application is needed. 

Students in the College of Business (COB) should submit this brief application form to be considered.  

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

University Center (UC)
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