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Professor, Computer and Information Science; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education; Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiatives, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor).
Brahim Medjahed
215 CIS
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128
M-W: (9-10am and 12-1pm) or by appointment

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Biography and Education


  • Ph.D., Virginia Tech
  • M.S., Algiers University of Science and Technology

Teaching and Research

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Selected Publications

  1. A. Rezgui, N. Davis, Z. Malik, B. Medjahed, H. Soliman. “CloudFinder: A System for Processing Big Data Workloads on Volunteered Federated Clouds”. IEEE Transactions on Big Data. Accepted.
  2. Hamza Labbaci, Brahim Medjahed, Youcef Aklouf. “A Deep Learning Approach for Quality-Aware Long-Term Service Composition”. The 15th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, ICSOC 2017, Malaga, Spain, November 2017.
  3. K. Hashmi, A. Alhosban, Z. Malik, and B. Medjahed. “A Web Service Negotiation Management and QoS Dependency Modeling Framework”. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 7(2), Article 5, 33 pages, 2016.
  4. Z. Malik, B. Medjahed, A. Rezgui. “sCARE: Reputation Estimation on Uncertain Web Services”. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 16(1): Article 7, 20 pages, 2016.
  5. I. Benamor, S. Benbernou, M. Ouziri, Z. Malik, B. Medjahed. “Discovering Best Teams for Data Leak aware Crowdsourcing in Social Networks”. ACM Transactions on the Web, 10(1): Article 2, 27 pages, 2016.
  6. A. Alhosban, K. Hashmi, Z. Malik, B. Medjahed, S. Benbernou. “Bottom-up Fault Management in Service-based Systems”. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 15(2), Article 7, 40 pages, June 2015.
  7. N. Ammar, Z. Malik, B. Medjahed, M. Alodib. “K-Anonymity-based Approach for Privacy Preserving Web Service Selection”. IEEE International conference on Web Services, ICWS'15, New York, pp. 281 – 288, June 2015 (Best Student Paper Award).
  8. S.-E. Tbahriti, C. Ghedira, B. Medjahed, M. Mrissa. Privacy-Enhanced Web Service Composition. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. 7(2), pp. 210 - 222, 2014.
  9. S.E. Tbahriti, C. Ghedira, B. Medjahed, M. Mrissa, D. Benslimane. How to Enhance Privacy within DaaS service Composition? International IEEE Systems Journal, 7(3), pp. 442 – 454, 2013.
  10. B. Medjahed. Dissemination Protocols for Event-based Service-Oriented Architectures. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 1(3), October 2008.
  11. Q. Zhu, B. Medjahed, A. Sharma, H. Huang. The Collective Index: A Technique for Efficient Processing of Progressive Queries. The Computer Journal, 51(6), November 2008. Best Paper Award (Wilkes Award)
  12. R. Hamadi, B. Benatallah, B. Medjahed. Self-Adapting Recovery Nets for Policy-Driven Exception Handling in Business Processes. Distributed and Parallel Databases (DAPD), an International Journal, 22(1), 2008.
  13. Q. Yu , X. Liu , A. Bouguettaya, B. Medjahed. Deploying and Managing Web Services: Issues, Solutions, and Directions. The VLDB Journal, 17(3), 2008.
  14. B. Medjahed, A. Bouguettaya, B. Benatallah, Semantic Web Services: Issues, Solutions, and Applications. ACM Transactions on the Web, 8(1), 2007.
  15. B. Medjahed, A. Bouguettaya. A Multilevel Composability Model for Semantic Web Services. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 17(7), July 2005.

Awards and Recognition

  • Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year, Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU), 2019
  • Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, CECS, University of Michigan - Dearborn, 2018
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Michigan - Dearborn, 2018
  • Trevor O. Jones Outstanding Paper Award from SAE, 2018
  • Best Student Paper Award, International Conference on Web Services, ICWS 2015.
  • Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, September 2010.
  • Number of Citations: 2715. Source: Harzing's “Publish or Perish” Tool (as of 06/28/2015)
  • Best Paper Award (Wilkes Award), The Computer Journal, 2008.
  • “Outstanding Graduate Research Award”, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, 2004.
  • Nominated by Virginia Tech’s Department of Computer Science for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2004.
  •  “Outstanding Reviewer” by IEEE Internet Computing, 2002.
  • Student Travel Awards: dg.o.2003 (Virginia Tech award); VLDB 2001 (Virginia Tech award), CRA Academic Careers Workshop 2001 (Computing Research Association award), ACM International Student Research Contest 2001 (ACM award).


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